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Our Mission Statement

Provide rapid, expeditionary logistics support and long-term sustainment solutions to enhance Readiness for the Total Army and Joint Force.

Our Vision

Become the Army's End of First Life Center while continuing to provide expeditionary logistics support and long-term Readiness solutions.

What We Do (Core Competencies)

  • The Secretary of the Army designated Sierra Army Depot as the Center for Industrial Technical Excellence (CITE) for all Petroleum and Water Distribution Systems (PAWS):
  • An extensive maintenance capability that includes: Fabrication, reset, rebuild, machining, corrosion control, COSIS, multi-media blasting, painting, and extensive welding (MIG, TIG, ARC)
  • Modern organic transportation network, capable of supporting all military and commercial aircraft, rail and trucks able to respond immediately to all requirements world-wide.
  • The Army's largest facility dedicated to equipment / asset retrograde and reutilization / redistribution.
  • Long term storage, preservation, and parts reclamation from donor assets of Army Ground Combat and other vehicles through the End of First Life Center
  • APS and Operation Project Stocks (APS/OP Stocks): Receipt, accountability, storage, COSIS, RESET, upgrades, system configuration, kitting and assembly, and world-wide shipping.
  • Continuous process improvements - We have robust Lean Six Sigma and Value Engineering programs that are part of our workforce culture which provides exceptional value to our customers saving money, executing work faster, with excellent quality.
  • Over 36,000 acres of no cost storage with a vast expansion capability ICW the Bureau of Land Management.
  • We have an ISO 9001 Quality Management certification and we are certified under the ISO 14001 environmental standard. We are on track to become a VPP Star certified installation.


  • New system assembly, reset, COSIS (APS/OP Stocks), repair, rebuild, fielding support, New Equipment Training (NET)
  • Provide a focused, disciplined strategy, using a fleet approach, that provides maximum value to the Army at the end of the equipment life cycle (contingency fleet/APS, reset/FMS, parts pull, platform harvest)
  • Sierra offers a unique capability to receive, identify, classify, bring to an accountable record, store, manage, and rapidly ship assets world-wide. These reclamation activities clearly provide a readiness and operational value to the Army and the nation through management and controlled redistribution to meet urgent demands.

Our focus is to support our military service members who defend our nation. Our mission has changed completely since the establishment of the installation in 1942. Sierra has transitioned to a depot that supports the Department of Defense and various Interagencies within our core competency capabilities - rapid deployment, power projection, and industrial operations.