We have a highly dedicated staff of expert and skilled machinists, craftsmen, equipment operators and support personnel that are vital to the current and future Army needs. This type of expertise allows us to receive store, maintain, and ship material anywhere or anytime in the world - ON TIME.

  Sierra has been designated as the Center for Industrial Technical Excellence (CITE) for all Petroleum and Water Distribution Systems (PAWS). With the Depot's 36,000 acres of high desert terrain we are able to provide distinct storage advantages of ample space, low humidity and low precipitation; excellent for the long term storage of mechanized vehicles located here.

Pride in Excellence!
LTC Brian D. Kuhn

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Consumer Confidence Report 2014 - Depot's Drinking Water Distribution System

Net Zero Energy Environmental Assessment (EA) and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FNZI)

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Sierra Army Depot logo Our focus is to support our military service members who defend our nation. Our mission has changed completely since the establishment of the installation in 1942. Sierra has transitioned to a depot that supports the Department of Defense and various Interagencies within our core competency capabilities - rapid deployment, power projection, and industrial operations.


LTC Brian D. Kuhn
Welcome to the official website for Sierra Army Depot (SIAD)! Since the
establishment of the Depot in 1942, our strongest asset has always been the
employees and their families that make up the workforce. Sierra has a
highly dedicated team of skilled professionals that strive to meet the needs
of the Department of Defense and other Inter-Governmental Agencies. Through
all of the transitions our employees remain unwavering in their commitment
to their craft.

Sierra is constantly seeking new missions and ways to improve current and
future business opportunities. This exploration is not just within the
confines of the military family, but with private industry as well. Sierra
is currently designated as the Army's Center of Industrial Technical
Excellence (CITE) for all Petroleum and Water Distribution Systems (PAWS).

Whether you are a current depot employee or one that is looking to join the
SIAD Team, use the information on this web site to see what Sierra is doing
to support the Soldier in the field. With the ultimate reward of serving
your nation, employees at Sierra Army Depot are focused on supporting and
caring for our most precious asset; the men and women that make up the
American military.

Pride in Excellence!

 LTC Brian D. Kuhn